Concrete Shelters VS. Outdoor Cabinets


When planning a telecommunications site, there are many pieces of the puzzle to place together before ever reaching the decision making process for an enclosure to house your mission critical equipment.  When that time does arrive, one of the discussions we are involved in often is the debate of “concrete shelters or outdoor cabinets?”.  Obviously the size of the compound, the site access, and the geographical location all play a major part in the decision making process.  But for a moment let’s assume your site had no restrictions with size, access, or weather.  There are legitimate arguments for both concrete shelters and outdoor cabinets once you jump the initial hurdles.  Telecom cabinets are lighter, easier to move around.  Concrete shelters not only protect the equipment, but also the technicians who work on it.  Outdoor telecom cabinets are more efficient.  Concrete shelters are more resistant to vandalism.  Each company, engineer, and project manager has their own opinion regarding used concrete shelters versus used outdoor telecom cabinets- what’s yours?

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