Red Flags When Buying Used Concrete Equipment Shelters

Things to Watch for When Buying Used Equipment Shelters

When working with a vendor in the purchase of used equipment, in this case used equipment shelters, there are some items that the consumer should keep an eye on to be sure they are working with a reputable company that has the customer’s best interest in mind.  Here are just a few items to think about when buying your next used concrete shelter:


One of the age old sales tactics that is frequently used in the used concrete shelter world (as in many industries) is the “bait and switch”.  If you have made your way past the “discovery” stage with a vendor, they should be able to provide you with a specific shelter serial number with your quote.  This ensures you get what you paid for when the shelter arrives on site.


Call us old-fashioned, but here at CellSite Solutions we still have the old school mentality of the “golden handshake” days.  Granted, agreements are necessary in today’s world to be sure that parties in any given transaction are protected, they should be as direct as possible and protect both buyer and seller of any given used equipment shelter deal.  If the agreement seems one-sided or includes things like “exclusivity” or “first right of refusal”, you may be signing something that is more than you bargained for.


As in every industry, there is competition in the world of used equipment shelter sales.  If you are searching the web, you will surely find there are a couple of options out there who could potentially satisfy your needs for your next equipment shelter.  CellSite Solutions wants you to call them.  Have a chat, ask questions, shoot the breeze.  When the day is done, go with someone that ultimately gives you a good feeling.  If you don’t have a strong enough feeling to make a concise decision, ask for references.  A reputable company should have no issues with supplying you with a few to contact.

So remember; get a serial number, beware the toothy agreement, and always go with your gut!  These items will help ensure you not only save money on your next concrete shelter purchase, but you also save yourself a headache!

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