Pros for Lightweight Telecom Shelters

Benefits of Lightweight Telecom Shelters

When most of us think about the world of used telecom shelters, we think of the large, prefabricated concrete shelters with exposed aggregate finish and lots of equipment space.  While prefabricated concrete shelters still seem to be the used shelter of choice in our industry, many people are discovering the value of some the smaller, lightweight units available on the used market.

Lease Savings

As the telecommunications industry has continued to explode over the last several years, many companies have found value in being able to lease tower space and ground space from existing tower owners rather than incurring the cost and management involved with building new sites.  Many of these site owners lease out ground space based on square footage.  So- smaller lightweight telecom shelters equal less square footage and less ground space, thus saving valuable dollars over long periods of leasing terms.

Shipping Benefits

Shipping of used telecom shelters can also be a costly venture.  Anyone who has transported prefabricated concrete shelters on a regular basis knows that overweight and over dimensional loads equal higher costs when it comes to shipping.  Here is where smaller, lightweight telecommunications shelters come into play.  Not only are many of the used lightweight shelters available on the market today legal shipping dimensions but many are also light enough to ship multiple units on one truck.  This can in turn allow an end user to ship several enclosures for the same cost of shipping just one prefabricated concrete shelter.

Light or Heavy?

Let’s face it, lightweight shelters aren’t always the best answer when installing a used telecom enclosure- however, in the right situation, they can fulfill your needs as well as keep your company expenditure in check.

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